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At The Battery Atlanta, Augmented Reality Startup Is Testing AR Signs to Help Attendees Navigate

by Holly Beilin

Skignz, a location-based augmented reality startup that came to Atlanta from the UK last year, has launched a pilot partnership to deck out The Battery Atlanta, the mixed-use development adjacent to the Braves’ SunTrust Park, in AR signposts. Using the Skignz app, visitors coming to The Battery to attend a baseball game, eat or shop can locate different venues, see parking options, and get previews of special events.

According to Greg Mize, the Atlanta Braves Director of Digital Marketing, this type of location-based AR is a first-of-its-kind offering. The technology first debuted last month at Chop Fest, a family-friendly celebration of all things Braves.

During Chop Fest, the Skignz app showed many of the AR signposts that will be present all the time, such as markings of restaurants and parking garages, as well as event-specific signage.

For example, there was an indicator showing the time and location where Braves alumni would be signing autographs. Attendees could check when they should show up to meet their favorite player and follow the app to navigate to exactly where he would be.

Skignz COO Jamie Clarke says that during Chop Fest, attendees were directed to download their platform from an in-app popup in The Battery’s own app. The event showed the use case of how this technology will enhance the entire Battery experience. Imagine cutting 10 minutes off the time it takes you to find the parking garage you left your car in, or knowing exactly where the restroom is when the kids are crying.

“We’re transforming how people navigate places,” says Clarke. “This is the ideal use case for us.”

Clarke says eventually the Skignz signposts will become even more than a convenience, but will be able to provide advertising and exposure to brands.

“Skignz is an enabling technology, the brand behind the brand. A visual AR solution to making search useful, relevant and simple. That is an attractive proposition for not only a company wanting to take their location services (maps/lists) to the next level, but brands being able to create new enhanced customer experiences,” he said in an interview with Hype last year.

Following their time in the 2017 Coca-Cola BridgeCommunity Commercialization program, the Skignz team is working on nailing a few additional corporate pilots, as well as refining their offerings. Clarke says they plan to offer two versions of their product: a consumer Skignz app (that’s what you’d download as a visitor to The Battery) and an SDK/API that enterprises can purchase to integrate the AR technology into their own products.

Up next? The startup is working with Coca-Cola’s FIFA World Cup Tour team on another sports-based offering. They’re also looking to raise funding soon to keep up their momentum.

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