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Sharecare Brings Voice To Healthcare Questions On Alexa

by Maija Ehlinger

Amazon and Atlanta-based Sharecare are teaming up to talk about your most pressing health issues. 

Sharecare announced today that the company would integrate their library of over 80,000 healthcare-related questions with the Amazon Alexa ecosystem, making it possible for users to ask common medical questions from home. 

For Sharecare’s president Dawn Whaley, working with Amazon is an important part of bringing credible healthcare content to more people.

“At Sharecare, we believe in the power of voice technology as it creates a frictionless user experience that is both engaging and democratizes the availability of credible health and well-being information,” Whaley told Hypepotmus.  “By collaborating with Amazon, Sharecare is now part of the first line of defense for anyone seeking trustworthy answers to health-related questions through Alexa.”

“The Alexa team was looking for credible health and well-being content in scale. After finding Sharecare by searching online for such organizations, they proactively reached out to us to explore making our content easily available to their customers,” Whaley added.

Adding Sharecare’s capabilities to Alexa’s skillset highlights the growth opportunities for voice technology in the medical space. According to a statement released by Sharecare, 19 million Americans actively use voice assistant devices like Alexa to address healthcare questions.

Sharecare has made other headlines recently as they look to streamline healthcare and make medicine more accessible. Earlier in the summer the company acquired North Carolina-based WhiteHatAI to help fight medical fraud and waste that costs the healthcare industry upwards of $900 billion. In February, the company acquired Tennessee-based Visualize Health

Sharecare also launched Sharecare YOU earlier this month, a 3D, VR simulation platform designed to help students explore the complexities of the human body. 

Image from Sharecare You’s Facebook Page

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