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The Scoop | Venture ATL’s Early Stage Co’s

by Raven Davis

Venture Atlanta is Georgia’s top investor showcase, committed to uniting technology innovators with the venture capitalists, bankers, and angel investors necessary to bring their ideas to life.

The actual event, an annual, non-profit conference, is put together by the Atlanta CEO Council, the Metro Atlanta Chamber, and the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG). The event was originally started in 2002, and, since then, has help companies to raise over $1.1 billion dollars. T0 give you an idea of just what to expect out of this year’s conference, we’ve compiled this helpful list of the early stage presenters. Check them out and then cheer them on.

  • Company: Alii Healthcare uses a mobile health platform to provide consumers with unprecedented access to healthcare from board certified physicians. Through this technology, consumers will have the ability to receive an immediate diagnosis and treatment, and to control costs.
    Presenter: Sylvan Waller
  • Company: BlueLeap uses cloud-based voice and messaging in order to automate communications tasks. This saves agents time and reduces customer waiting time, thereby increasing brand loyalty.
    Presenter: Raleigh Burgess
  • Company: CloudTags helps to increase sales by offering omnichannel analytics that identify customers in-store. Providing customers with omnichannel tablets prior to checking out, companies are able to collect data on who their customers are, what they browsed, and what they are likely to buy in the future.
    Presenter: James Yancy
  • Company: Creserance Inc. uses a mobile platform to improve school communications and increase parent interaction and engagement. The company develops custom mobile app solutions for schools, districts, and associations.
    Presenter: Namit Bhatia
  • Company: Groundfloor Finance is a peer-to-peer micro-lending community for investing in real estate transactions. The company offers over 8% interest rates on investments that can start at as little as $100.
    Presenter: Brian Dally
  • Company: Kanga offers online, on-demand delivery solutions in the city of Atlanta. By either entering order information enter the Kanga app or allowing Kanga to access companies’ POS or ecommerce platform, Kanga gives companies reasonable, same-day delivery services for consumers.
    Presenter: Everett Steele
  • Company: Nex Defense provides pro-active cyber security solutions to protect and secure our nation’s critical infrastructure. Using the expertise of engineers and cyber defenders, they acquire and develop technology products and services to ensure cyber security.
    Presenter: Mike Sayre
  • Company: Niche Video Media LLC provides consumers with a video-streaming platform that they can use to brand, share, and monetize their video content. They use cloud technology to secure and store video content, stream the content to your specified audience, and engage feedback and community from your viewers.
    Presenter: Rajesh Rajasekar
  • Company: Pointivo, Inc. has created technology that allows any camera to capture the dimensions of a structure and accurately model that structure in 3D. The technology uses cloud based software to process video, reconstruct the scene using proprietary algorithms, and then quickly produce 3D models with detailed dimensions.
    Presenter: Dan Ciprai
  • Company: Predikto Analytics analyzes past maintenance data to better predict future maintenance issues. They provide companies with multiple options of action that allow Operations and Maintenance professionals the freedom to use the tools or processes best suited for them.
    Presenter: Mario Montag
  • Company: QASymphony helps software development and testing teams produce higher quality software by making testing, tracking, and replication of bugs quicker and more efficient. It provides real time visibility and control and allows development teams to communicate better and test faster.
    Presenter: Sandra Chesnutt
  • Company: REscour is a platform for real estate professionals that allows them to gather, organize, track, share, and analyze data through the use of a map. Real estate professionals can build private databases of market information, download Excel reports of their data, and easily and quickly access all relevant information.
    Presenter: Jake Edens
  • Company: Rivalry uses daily emails and live leader boards built around the 5-7 metrics that drive your business in order to organize your sales force. The sales organization analytics drive competition, help to create clearly track goals, and provide key answers to sales questions.
    Presenter: Jon Birdsong
  • Company: Unicore Health, Inc. reduces lost time costs caused by employees being out of work due to workplace injuries. Using a patented software application, Unicore automates relevant job analysis information and bridges it with the clinical diagnosis, resulting in a lower cost for employers.
    Presenter: www.linkedin.com/in/patrickjosephoneill Patrick J. O’Neill
  • Company: UserIQ is building the automated in-app data engine and engagement tool. The technology allows consumers to access behavioral-based analytics with real time and historical activity reports, create in-app campaigns with custom designs, and with no custom code.
    Presenter: Adam Mangone
  • Company: Voxa uses technology to automate the workflow for Salesforce. The technology automatically extracts tasks, contacts, activity, and leads from emails and uploads them in real time.
    Presenter: Johnson Cook

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