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Roadie Delivers A Dose Of Good To Your Door

by Holly Beilin

You might know Roadie as the UPS-backed, Ludacris-supported neighbor-to-neighbor platform making smart moves in the shipping industry. But what you might not be taking advantage of is not only their ability to get your stuff out of your hair and on the road, but their commitment to delivering some betterment for the world, as well.

Though the end of February, first-time Roadie users can schedule a free pickup of any unwanted items, which will be delivered to the closest Goodwill location. You get rid of those boxes sitting in the back of your closet marked “donate,” less items go to a landfill, you save on extra fuel (since the Roadie business model is based on exploiting the unused cargo space of drivers already headed in that direction), and Goodwill is able to create more jobs and do more good. Could there be a better win-win-win?

Goodwill isn’t Roadie’s only charitable endeavor, however. For every “Pet Gig” — yes, that’s shipping a pet (safely, of course!) — Roadie has partnered with the National Canine Cancer Foundation. The company will donate a portion of the fee to the NCCF. They also offer reduced pricing for parents of ill pups in the NCCF community.

Marc Gorlin, CEO and founder of Roadie, says it all comes down to building a community-driven company.

“Roadie is a technology rooted in southern hospitality, and those ideals translate into our partnerships as well,” Gorlin says. “We think it’s a profound new way to connect with each other, and more importantly, to help each other out. In our minds, there’s no greater use of our community.”

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