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Step Into An Alternate Reality With Atlanta’s Newest Venue: A VR Bar

by Holly Beilin

Atlanta consistently racks up accolades for our entertainment industry’s use of technology. From high-tech sports venues to attracting gaming talent and dollars, those that make it their job to facilitate fun are innovating just as fast and furiously as the B2B technologists.

The newest concept of that marriage of technology and entertainment (with a few cocktails thrown in) is Revery: VR Bar. Opening in September in Midtown, the space will intentionally cater to both the virtual reality enthusiast as well as the average bar goer who just wants a good happy hour. In their words, “Pick your poison and choose your reality.”

“My business partner and I have been bouncing around ideas for bars for a couple of years now, but we really wanted to create something that would stand out. We believe that VR technology has tremendous potential to change the way that people interact and experience new things, but is currently not accessible to a large number of potential users because it is expensive and cumbersome to set up at home,” says Vincent Wynn II, co-owner of Revery.

“In my experience, people love to play games while drinking, so why not offer the newest, most striking, and compelling technology available?” says Wynn.

Unlike iSimu VR, an already-open VR arcade in Duluth, Wynn says Revery will not feel like a gaming space. It’s simply a laid-back cocktail lounge, but instead of darts or bocce, will feature 11 reservable “experience rooms” with HTC Vive VR headsets for gaming. These semi-private rooms will be partially-constructed with transparent walls to maintain an open feel, and will be set up so the whole group in the room can watch the on-screen action (rather than just the players wearing the headsets, which is typical of VR).

In addition, Revery will have a larger room for console gaming, where tournament-style competitions will run during happy hours and other selective times.

“Half the fun is watching your friends play — your shy friend may have some secret matrix moves when you get them playing a first-person shooter!” says Wynn.

Wynn says, as VR technology develops, the bar will keep up with the latest innovation.

“We plan to be on the forefront of improvements within the industry as the technology evolves. We really believe that the VR industry is at a very early stage, and adaptation is baked into our plans. Along with my partners, we very actively monitor the technology space from both a hardware and content perspective and we will invest to consistently bring the best VR experiences to our customers,” Wynn says.

The non-gamers will have plenty to drink and eat, with moderately-priced cocktails, beer and wine. Wynn says the bar will even have food trucks outside on weekends “to offer a broader and rotating set of culinary options.”

Revery will be able to serve about 100 people and is set to open towards the end of September.

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