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6 Southern Tech Startups Making Moves In the Real Estate Industry

by Muriel Vega

Millennials will make up a third of total homebuyers this year according to Realtor.com, as they approach marriage, children, and other milestones. These tech-savvy shoppers want the home buying process to be seamless from start to finish, providing startup entrepreneurs with an opportunity to jump in at every stage including finding a dream home, selling the old house, and moving the signing and closing process online.

Here are six real estate startups in the Southeast that are shaking up an industry vastly in need of some big moves. Now, the only thing you have to worry about is packing everything up!


With interest rates at their lowest and the demand for housing constantly increasing, finding your dream home can quickly become a nightmare. Losing bids left and right can feel devastating. This North Carolina-based startup’s platform crunches 370 data points (including your children’s age, your income level, and more) to identify the moment when you’re ready to look for your next home. It helps realtors catch more prospective leads and manage their database of listings and referrals. Thanks to First’s predictive analytics, they are able to connect with possible leads and reach them before others.


This Charleston-based startup brings the house closing process, often done inefficiently through a series of phone calls, meetings and so much more, to your phone by connecting realtors and clients under one (mobile-based) roof. Preclose makes getting insurance, inspections and a mortgage loan easy with its app. No more looking for papers on your desk. You get access to your closing status 24/7 with document storage, real-time notifications, and action items.


Real estate agents have to look their best at all times, but especially online. LeadKit helps agents set up eye-catching responsive sites to attract more deals, put your prospective clients at ease and help you earn more commissions. Manage your listings, appointments, follow-ups and current traction with its easy-to-use CRM. Most recently, LeadKit opened a National Sales Center in Atlanta to elevate the profile of the city’s real estate agents.


Did you know that 77 percent of home buyers drive by the homes they’re most interested in before even calling an agent? If they are not able to see it in person, the buyer lose interest and the agent loses the lead. NterNow’s lock system gives potential home buyers on-demand access to listings so they can tour on their own time without pressure. Home buyers can access the home by downloading the app, verifying their identity, and entering the one-time code into the door’s NterNow keypad. The realtor will be in contact after your visit to answer any questions. Easy!


Knock simplifies this whole tedious process by guaranteeing that you’ll get full market price and that your home will be out of your hands within six weeks. If they don’t sell the house, they will buy it from you. Their proprietary algorithm has already sold 350+ homes in Atlanta.


Skip the standard 3 percent real estate agent commission in favor of a flat fee for the services you need (plus a 3 percent rebate) with GoldenKey. The platform helps buyers customize their buying experience by only selecting the services they need. Aside from a customization feature, GoldenKey offers an on-demand marketplace where buyers can request a specific appointment time for viewing and the first local agent to accept the request gets the job. The North Carolina-based startup recently raised $1.75 million to expand nationwide and increase product development.

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