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These QR Codes Are Helping Make Atlanta A Safer, More Accessible City

by Maija Ehlinger

New QR codes are popping up on streets across Atlanta. While they aren’t part of any public art project or guerrilla marketing campaign, the team behind the effort believes these will help the city get a better understanding of the ‘state of the streets.’

Atlanta-based iAccess Life, a lifestyle mobile app, has put the QR codes around heavily trafficked areas around town. While ADA-compliant and wheelchair-accessible parking spaces are required by the State of Georgia, not all those spaces are created equal. As iAccess Life founder Brandon Winfield told Hypepotamus, those parking spaces are frequently blocked or do not have true curb and sidewalk access. 

The QR codes open up a quick but important survey about an individual’s parking experience, with questions like “How easy was it to locate an ADA parking space?” and “How easy was it to access the sidewalk?”

That data is turned into reports to be utilized by the City of Atlanta and other city stakeholders to continuously improve street parking accessibility. 

The QR codes are part of a unique B2B play for Winfield and his team as they “work towards making our city more innovative and forward-thinking and proactive and safer,” Winfield said. 


Keeping The Foot On The Gas at iAccess 

While the QR codes are currently only in Atlanta, iAccess Life’s work is now in all 50 states an about 35 countries, Winfield told Hypepotamus. 7,000 unique locations have been rated through the B2C app, helping make locations around the world more accessible. 

To scale, iAccess started working with Charlotte-based parking company Passport in late 2020. The partnership is all about expanding how users rate, review, and research places to visit based on their accessibility. That includes sorting through store entrances, bathrooms, restaurants, and more.

The QR codes are not the only way iAccess Life has been connecting with the local community. iAccess joined Google for Founder’s most recent Founders Academy cohort, a four-month, equity-free virtual program designed for pre-seed and seed-stage startups.


Photos provided by iAccess Life 


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