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Helping you to take the leap | Hackathon to Accelerator

by Tricia Whitlock

If you are building a startup, the NEXT program will help you think bigger and move forward faster. The NEXT program prepares early stage startups for an accelerator, investment or early product launch. They are currently accepting applications from hackers and hustlers for their 3rd cohort.  NEXT is 5 weeks long starting October 17th, and consists of 3 hour weekly working sessions with other founders and mentors. Following the program, the top performing teams who’ve validated their market and idea will have an opportunity to come to the NEXT Global Presentation Day in San Francisco. At this event, teams will present their startup’s progress to influencers and connectors like accelerators, early stage investors and the media. NEXT is backed by Startup Weekend, Google for Entrepreneurs, Steve Blank, Techstars, and the Global Accelerator Network.

Attend NEXT to:

  • Validate your startup idea
  • Use customer development to find the path to product/market fit
  • Get weekly coaching and mentor feedback
  • Grow your network of startup experts and other founders


Check out their website for a comprehensive look at everything you need.

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