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Innovation Firm Premier Logic Enters Strategic Acquisition to Become Global Digital Division

by Muriel Vega

Digital innovation and technology consulting firm Premier Logic has been acquired by India-based engineering and IT services company ALTEN Calsoft Labs. The acquisition will help the Atlanta-based firm integrate into global company ALTEN as its digital innovation division.

“Our mission has been to bring our unique personality and approach to complex business and technology problems, so retaining our culture and approach is essential,” says Premier Logic CEO Chad Osgood. “ALTEN not only recognized that, they have been tremendous partners in helping us bring that capability to their clients around the world.”

Premier Logic helps enterprises fast track innovation by helping them envision, prototype, and launch digital solutions and product ideas. Premier Logic’s team is composed of business leaders, creatives, and technologists that work on solutions from UX design to customer analytics and financial apps.

“We’ll be taking our passion for doing things in a lean, entrepreneurial way to a global market,” says Osgood. “We get to spend more of our energy on serving our clients, researching new and innovative technologies like robotics process automation and providing global scalability where our clients need it the most.”

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has created a special sector for the Atlanta-based team — a digital division. Under it, the team will continue working on cost-effective digital solutions for enterprises, as well as fuel their growth on a global scale.

“By joining the ALTEN team we get to focus on more of what we do best, lean digital transformation,” says Osgood. “Now we have the backing of literally thousands of talented and experienced technologists who can fuel our focus. Job number one for us is to bring that amazing experience  to the market in a focused way.”

“We are proud to welcome the Premier Logic team to the ALTEN Calsoft Labs family,” added Ramandeep Singh, CEO of ALTEN Calsoft Labs. “I’ve had the opportunity to see firsthand the innovative thinking they apply to solving business problems and am excited by what we can accomplish together for our customers.”

Osgood says he has prioritized his relationships with his team as well as the opportunities for them to work better together. He already has a few goals in mind that he hopes to tackle, including certain emerging technologies.

“What I’m personally most excited about is an ability to spend time staying even further ahead of the curve on technologies that can benefit business,” says Osgood. “We’re focusing intently on AI, blockchain, RPA [robotic processing automation], IoT and other areas that we intend to bring to the middle market to make sure all businesses can benefit.”

As they acclimate to their new home within ALTEN, the Premier Logic team will continue to define innovation within their team as well as for enterprise client.

“We are also further refining what being the Digital Division of a global company means, and we intend to launch a foundation of thought leadership and research to the market in the coming months to further position us as a leader in all things digital,” says Osgood.

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