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In A Post-Office World, This Co-Working Space Is Like ClassPass For Your Workspace

by Holly Beilin

Co-working is consistently on the rise with the advent of remote teams, more contract and freelance workers, and the emergence of major players like WeWork and Industrious. Co-working memberships are traditionally bought on a subscription basis, either monthly or yearly, and encourage long-term residency.

A new concept, Post-Office Cowork, allows users even more flexibility — rather than sign any commitment at all, you purchase daily passes, either as one-offs or in pass packs, for access to the space and its amenities. With the first location launching today in downtown Atlanta, the model is more similar to a fitness class package than a club membership, especially since in the future, you will be able rotate between multiple locations.

Not only will Post-Office members be mobile, but locations will be as well. The offices will be long-term pop-ups, taking over currently unused, un-leased or empty real estate, setting up for anywhere from 6 to 18 months, and then switching it up.

Co-founder Michele Grant, who also runs two consultancy firms with other co-founder Marcus Henderson, says the idea came out of the realization that a mobile workforce doesn’t always want to work in the same place, even a trendy co-working space, every day.

“Work happens all over the place,” says Grant. “We don’t want to go to the same place every day anymore.”

Once users purchase a pass, they book space through an app. The pass will work for any of the Post-Office locations. They also receive traditional co-working amenities like free coffee.

The downtown location is currently located in Underground Atlanta, but may move to another spot in the same neighborhood after 6 months. Grant says the team is working closely with property managers to determine the timing that is most ideal for them as well.

“We’re allowing people to experience a fresh perspective, always staying where the neighborhood’s energy is, where things are new,” says Grant. “And along with that, for the landlords, it helps drive new traffic.”

Grant says the plan is to move quickly, opening the next location in Atlanta within the next 60 days and four by the end of 2018 (likely spots are Midtown, the Westside, East Atlanta Village, and perhaps north in Alpharetta). She also says regional expansion is likely.

“We’re eyeing Nashville, Florida, Chattanooga, maybe Birmingham. We feel like these markets are underserved in this area thus far,” says Grant.

She also says they’re paying close attention to customer feedback. “We’re going to do what our users want,” says Grant.

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