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Onevest is Looking to Invest in Atlanta

by Tricia Whitlock

Onevest is looking to spur startup activity in Atlanta by helping startups access seed capital. Local startups that are looking for help closing out their early round of funding (seed, bridge, Series A) and that meet the basic criteria below, please fill out this form and Onevest will be in touch:

  • Company incorporated in the U.S.
  • Raising seed, bridge, or Series A (will consider later stages like Series B, but for later stages the company needs to be pretty far along in their fundraising round)
  • Any industry; tech or at least tech-enabled (Example: If a consumer product, maybe the company has a big e-commerce play, therefore tech-enabled.)
  • Strong team with 2 or more full-time founders (or core team) working on the business
  • Out of beta, generating revenue showing upward growth for a minimum of 3-6 months; or at least have a prototype if hardware
  • Fundraising traction: at least 20-25% of the round already committed, ideally more

More on Onevest: “What do you get when you bring together a leading equity crowdfunding platform with a global community of startup entrepreneurs? You get Onevest—a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and investors where thousands of meaningful connections happen each month to build, fund and launch successful startups. Onevest unites RockThePost, an online investing platform that connects early stage startups with investors, and CoFoundersLab, an online and in-person matchmaking network that builds strong startup teams, to solve two critical challenges every startup faces: developing a strong management team and raising capital.”

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