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Mental Health Diagnosis Startup Closes $4M From BIP Capital

by Holly Beilin

Atlanta-based healthtech startup Nview Health has closed an investment of $4.65 million from BIP Capital. This is the first institutional capital raised by the three-year-old company, which focuses on mental health disorder diagnosis.

Founded by two physicians, Dr. David Sheehan and Dr. Thomas Young, the team has decades of experience in anxiety disorder management, psychopharmacology, and population health. The duo developed an online assessment tool called the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (M.I.N.I.) to allow health practitioners to quickly identify more than 20 behavioral health disorders in adults and children.

The M.I.N.I. is an FDA-accepted, HIPAA-compliant assessment. It has been used for over 25 years, translated into 120 languages, and deployed in over 100 countries.

Nview’s SaaS platform allows the M.I.N.I. to be accessed through a web or mobile device to allow for easy access by physicians in an office or on a home visit.

According to CEO Jim Szyperski, their typical customers include primary care physicians who are not specifically trained in diagnosing behavioral health disorders.

While two-thirds of mental health disorder diagnoses come from primary care doctors, their rates of misdiagnosis are high — over 60 percent for depressive disorders and over 90 percent for bipolar disorder, according to the company.

This capital will “accelerate the expansion” of the tool into markets where “the need is great,” says Szyperski.

“Additionally, the company is working with higher education institutions so they can better assess the mental health of both student athletes and the overall student population,” he tells Hypepotamus in an email interview.

The company fits well into BIP Capital’s investment focus on both enterprise SaaS and health IT.

“We’re pleased to invest in the company because of the positive impact it’s having on the way mental disorders are identified and treated,” says Dan Drechsel, senior VP at BIP Capital. “Our team looks forward to working with Nview Health to build awareness and expand practical acceptance of this capability in the healthcare community.”

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