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Nominate Your Favorite Millennial

by Klaire Wesolowski

Young whippersnappers will only become more and more noticeable in the workplace as Baby Boomers and Generation Xers continue to retire. TAG Young Professionals is celebrating the coming of age of Millennials with their inaugural One in a Millennial Awards. The awards will recognize individuals who have already made a name for themselves in the eight categories listed below. Nominations are open through Aug 31st, and the top 3 finalists will be chosen by an industry leading panel of judges on Sept 23rd.


Have someone in mind? Nominate today! Details:

September 23
6 PM – 8:30 PM

General Assembly
675 Ponce De Leon Ave.

Award Categories include:

Sales Leader: A young professional who has demonstrated the ability to effectively sell or promote their company’s product. This person could sell ice to an eskimo. This individual should have a solid track record of chasing down leads and closing deals.
Professional Services Leader: A young professional in an occupation requiring special training or licensing that provides support or advice to businesses. This could include CPAs, lawyers, architects, consultants, computer services, advertising, benefits, payroll, advisors, financial planners, etc.
Technologist of the Year: A young professional who is a specialist in technology. Similar to entrepreneur of the year with a cooler name.We are looking for someone who is very innovative and able to execute on their innovative thinking.
Marketing and Social Media Leader: A young professional who has done a successful job performing marketing and social media for their organization. Not only do
they do online media but they use traditional media to accomplish their organization’s goals. This person should have a track
record of increasing the presence of their organization.
Top Recruiter: A young professional who has made a name for themselves acquiring big talent for companies.
Best Personal Brand: A young professional who excels at marketing themselves and their career as a brand. Not only when you see this person do you think of their name you think of the product or service they are associated with and what they stand for.
Top Newcomer: A young professional who hit the ground running straight out of school, is new to the Atlanta market, or just new to their career field. We are looking for an individual who may have only been in their current position a short period of time but is already making a name for themselves whether it be by giving back, promoting their organization, or just killing it at their job. Nominees for this award could overlap other categories but for this award we will focus on newcomers to the workforce, the market, or their career field that may get overshadowed in the other categories.
STEM Education Leader: A young professional leading in promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math education. We are looking for an individual that works hard to better the lives of kids by introducing them to the opportunities in STEM professions and also works to get others involved in giving back their time and money to STEM focused programs.

Keynote speaker:
Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder & CMO, Terminus: Sangram Vajre is a passionate Marketing geek at heart and loves to solve problems, both analytically and creatively. In today’s marketing world, when companies need to rapidly adapt to changing buyer-centric communication, Sangram finds comfort in all things technology to keep pace with this challenge. Over the years, Sangram has amassed invaluable experience from his exposure to startups, consulting, and global companies. Most recently, Sangram headed up Marketing at Pardot, which was acquired by Salesforce in 2013.

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