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The New App That’s Painting Midtown Red

by Raven Davis

In a move to capitalize on the holiday shopping season, Midtown Alliance and Coca-Cola have teamed up to create Midtown Red, a mobile app designed to enhance the consumer shopping experience.

The app, which launched December 1st, engages users by sending them custom offers, discounts, historical facts, and other promotional material in real-time through the use of iBeacon technology. People who choose to download the app will also be able to share coupons through Facebook, Twitter, messaging and email through “Passbook.”

Midtown Red is a great example of next-generation connected living, and its innovative mobile strategies will create engaging and new citizen experiences,” says Michael Zeto, director of corporate development and M&A at AT&T Mobile. “We’re excited about the value this new app will bring to the residents, visitors and businesses in Midtown, and hope to develop future experiential offerings like this in Midtown and other areas around the metro region.”

As of now, 40 businesses and tourist attractions have registered to be a part of the program. The pilot will last through January 2015 and will only be available for use at participating businesses on the iPhone 4s models or newer.

[Photo Credit: Midtown Alliance]

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