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NCR & Krispy Kreme Team Up For Sweet Treat Totaling $50K

by Kristyn Back

Nothing is as sweet as a Krispy Kreme doughnut or generosity to a good cause – unless they’re combined. The pastry king recently teamed up with the NCR Foundation during the season of giving to donate a combined $50,000 to The Salvation Army. The gift comes off the cusp of Krispy Kreme’s nationwide rollout of a new mobile app built and deployed by the consumer transaction giant, NCR.

Here at Hypepotamus, doughnuts are one of our favorite food groups, so we spoke with Jon Lawrence, Senior Director of NCR Hospitality and Product Marketing, to hear tidbits about the app and why they’re giving back.

“Our goal is to create an experience for customers, not just create an app,” said NCR’s Lawrence. “We want to help Krispy Kreme uniquely connect with their customers, whether it’s how they pay for their check, accrue rewards, or receive special offers personalized for each customer.”

As one of America’s favorite breakfast foods, Krispy Kreme is making it even easier for customers to enjoy tasty treats with NCR’s recent platform creation. Customers can use the app to order, pay, and provide feedback while also racking up rewards for doughnuts and coffee, receiving exclusive offers like a special birthday treat, and even finding out when the “Hot Now” light is on (excuse us while we download the app and hit the drive-thru…). And to sweeten the deal even more, customers can use the app to give a personal donation to the Salvation Army.

“What we create for our clients, like Krispy Kreme, is a higher level of personalization so their customers receive significant information that meets their individual taste,” said Lawrence. “If I’m a vegetarian, don’t keep sending me the pepperoni pizza offer, make it meaningful.”

Aside from the app’s capabilities, what makes this entire partnership so noteworthy is the civic responsibility both Krispy Kreme and NCR felt. A responsibility that led them to donate $25,000 each.

“It was unique to celebrate the app and to benefit a nonprofit organization collecting funds this time of year. The pinnacle was Krispy Kreme’s $25,000 donation that the NCR Foundation matched,” said Lawrence. “It was a phenomenal way to kick off the holiday season.”

It’s not too late to give and receive this holiday season. Download the Krispy Kreme app, enjoy some hot ones, and, if feeling generous, make a donation to the Salvation Army.

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