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Movius Raises $15M Series C To Secure and Separate Your Employees’ Personal Phone Lines

by Muriel Vega

In recent years, using your personal mobile device as your work phone has become the norm, particularly in startups but increasingly also in many enterprises. But with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, security issues can quickly pop up — along with the problem of employees feeling they are never “turned off”, which may lead to burnout. Movius‘ multi-line, cloud-based product allows businesses to add a secure company number into a personal smartphone, and even adds extra features like data metering and mobile recording.

“Employees can now carry one phone while keeping their work and personal number and activity completely separate, with powerful capabilities providing cost savings, control, compliance and simplicity to the business,” says CEO Krish Panu. “Employees can have a designated business number on their existing device to place and receive business calls and texts, while keeping their primary number for personal use.”

To scale their service and expand to other markets, Movius announced a $15 million Series C round led by PointGuard Ventures and other additional investors in the U.S. and Asia. They’ve raised $46 million so far. The company is currently headquartered in Atlanta with other five offices worldwide in Spain, India, UAE, South Africa, and Silicon Valley.

“This new funding will serve as growth capital to allow Movius to invest in expansion and innovation in order to serve existing contracts and to increase subscribers on the Movius platform, currently 50 million users strong,” says Panu.

“We will be able to invest in our platform to expand our multi-line offerings, helping companies communicate easily, save money and meet regulatory compliance standards.”

Movius’ cloud-based platform offers a separate dialer, contact list, caller ID, and mobile recording for the corporate-managed number — regardless of carrier, plans, or hardware. So the personal stays personal, and the business stays business.

With evolving regulations, Movius also helps employers stay compliant with government regulations like Dodd Frank, Data Protection Act, and more.

“The patented technology allows the services to work across all global carrier networks while utilizing the cellular voice, data, and wifi channels, ensuring the highest quality of service and reliability,” says Panu. “Benefits to businesses include cost savings, control, compliance and simplicity.” Corporate leadership can manage all numbers from an easy-to-use web portal.

With the new funds, Panu says they will continue product development and add new global partnerships to their docket.

“We’ve put in the time to build a quality product that can scale as quickly as possible and still keep all of its promises. We’ve expanded into multiple markets and several continents, and we have added carrier partners such as Telefónica and Sprint,” says Panu.

“In the next year, we’ll add more partners, and execute on several recently-signed contracts. We’ll also invest in the infrastructure that will enable us to do all of this well.”

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