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Disrupting Logistics With Technology: MIT Forum Brings In UPS, Bellhops and Rubicon

by Angela King

Rethinking antiquated industries in a transformational way

Our friends at The MIT Enterprise Forum are hosting a Fall kickoff event centered around an industry seeing a lot of exciting change spurred by technology — logistics. Attendees will get an inside peek into the logistics tech industry and hear where the opportunities are for the entrepreneurs working directly to meet market demand and solve supply chain problems.

Learn how technology will shape the future of logistics with leading experts September 28th. Attendees will:

  • Hear about the newest real-time tech behind the ability to track trucks, shipments and the interface with billing and auditing
  • Meet an early stage biz boldly breaking into the moving house business with an app and awesome service
  • Learn about the app the City of Atlanta uses to monitor its garbage truck’s movements
  • Listen how to leverage logistics for sustainability and circular-economy needs
  • Lastly, meet our moderator, a Chattanooga-based funder in the logistics space

See you there! RSVP here.


Santosh Sankar, Co-founder, Dynamo (moderator)

Sankar is Co-founder and Director of Dynamo, responsible for the strategic vision, planning, and execution of a global seed fund focused on trade and logistics technology.



David Rachelson, Head of Sustainability, Rubicon Global

David believes in the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. He currently leads sustainability efforts for Rubicon Global focused on eradicating landfills through technology and innovative closed-loop solutions.


Rimas Kapeskas, Managing Director, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund

The Strategic Enterprise Fund is the corporate venture capital unit of UPS that invests in early stage companies that are strategically relevant to UPS’ business.


Luke Marklin, CEO, Bellhops

Marklin has a proven track record working in Tech and Real Estate to build world-class businesses and teams.

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