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Microsoft Innovation Center | Where History & What’s Next Collide

by Kristyn Back

By now, you’ve likely seen the construction or heard all the buzz around the long-awaited FlatironCity. And like any good pseudo godparent, Hypepotamus has been there every step of the way, checking in on progress and doting after it as if it were our very own. This next gen office space not only pays homage to its historic roots, but it’s entrenched in tech with thanks to the second-ever Microsoft Innovation Center comfortably housed inside its Neo-Classical construct.

With tenants moving in and programs firing up, we are ready for a better glimpse inside all the Microsoft technology, catch up with our favorite Manager & Curator, Katie Ryan, and hear a few words of wisdom from the Managing Principal of Lurcror Resources, Arun Nijhawan.

“Though the first was in Miami, the Atlanta MIC is very different and will be the template for future MICs in Philadelphia and NYC,” says Nijhawan. “The investors in FlatironCity actively pursued Microsoft to establish an MIC in Downtown Atlanta by focusing on the vision for FlatironCity as NextGen office w/2 Gig DIA and amenities for young companies to grow their business.”

“We emphasized the iconic nature of the building and its location in the Fairlie-Poplar district – amongst 21 million square feet of office, 40,000 GSU students and a short MARTA ride from Georgia Tech.”

And iconic it is. As Ryan walked us through the space, we witnessed a hand-in-hand dance between its historic roots and avant-garde destiny.

“We wanted to stay true to the historic construction of Flatiron while also celebrating all the technology Microsoft brought into the space,” explains Ryan. “The Center will allow us to do quite a few things – like host MIC workshops and speaker series while also teaming up with ATDC for events like our monthly Media Circle.”

The most enthralling part of the tour was watching the 3D printer in action, which immediately turned us into bright-eyed school children. Even Ryan, who has a mini-Yoda proudly poised on her desk, buoyantly gushed that she was eagerly awaiting the HoloLens (which FlatironCity will be the first to house publicly in Atlanta).

“The MIC is to be a resource for entrepreneurs and corporations to leverage both Microsoft’s technology and human capital to innovate and build their businesses – while also acting as an amenity for all of our FlatironCitizens,” states Nijhawan.

Of course, we wouldn’t keep all this tech glory to ourselves, so we’ve shared a few snaps of Microsoft’s gadgets to get you giddy. If you haven’t seen it for yourself, it’s high time you prioritize a trip downtown. Enjoy!


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[photo credit: Kristyn Back & FlatironCity]
[HoloLens photo credit]

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