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Microsoft Acquires Atlanta’s FSLogix to Enhance Virtual Workforce Solutions

by Muriel Vega

Atlanta-based virtual workspace solutions company FSLogix has been acquired by Microsoft for an undisclosed amount. The software giant will enhance their recently-launched Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop solution by integrating the five-year-old startup’s technology.

“From the beginning, in working closely with several teams at Microsoft, we recognized that our missions were completely aligned,” CTO Randy Cook wrote in a statement. With the increasing amount of remote workers — 43 percent of the total workforce, according to 2016 figures — having uninterrupted access to files can help increase employees’ productivity and performance.

“Both FSLogix and Microsoft are dedicated to providing the absolute best experience for companies choosing to deploy virtual desktops. Microsoft strongly reinforced this goal with their recent announcement around Windows Virtual Desktop to provide the best virtualized Windows and Office experience delivered on Microsoft Azure.”

Founded in 2013, FSLogix’s cloud-based platform allows enterprises to provide a virtual workspace for those remote employees, allowing them to securely access everything they would have on their office desktop and to seamlessly move data. It also provides access to native user profiles and Office 365 and applications.

The startup closed a $7.5 million Series C funding round this past April, bringing their total outside funding to $12.5 million. At that time, CEO Kevin Goodman told Hypepotamus that FSLogix saw an over 300 percent increase in revenue in 2017, and their customer base grew more than five-fold since 2015.

“FSLogix makes applications think their data is local, regardless if whether the application is on our desktop, laptop, up in a private data center, or up in the public cloud,” Goodman shared in 2017.

The platform also keeps data safe even if you lose your laptop or phone on a flight or leave it on a train.

Brad Anderson, corporate VP for Microsoft Office 365, and Julia White, corporate VP for Microsoft Azure, wrote in a joint post on Microsoft’s corporate blog that the acquisition will benefit those customers using Office 365 ProPlus by “enabling faster load times for user profiles in Outlook and OneDrive, Office 365 ProPlus will become even more performant in multi-user virtual environments.”

“From small businesses to very large global enterprises across numerous industries, FSLogix solutions enhance customer experience and productivity, while reducing support requirements for IT departments,” said Microsoft’s blog post. “We are excited to welcome FSLogix to Microsoft, and we look forward to the impact its technology and its people will have on our customers’ virtualization experience.”

“This was one of Microsoft’s only acquisitions in Atlanta, putting us on the map with them. FSLogix is a great homegrown success story with most of the capital coming from the area,” Alan Taetle of Noro-Moseley Partners told Hypepotamus via email. Taetle joined FSLogix’s Board of Directors this past April following the company’s Series C funding round, which the Atlanta-based firm led.

With employees in Salt Lake City, Denver, Boston, Atlanta and Europe, FSLogix hasn’t shared plans following the announcement about the future of their workforce. However, Cook shared that it will be “business as usual” for the time being.

“We know our team can play a key role in making this happen, and today I am very proud to announce that FSLogix has been acquired by Microsoft. Although it’s still business as usual, FSLogix will soon integrate with Microsoft and join the strength of its enterprise productivity solutions and global reach,” said Cook.

“We are super excited about the power and potential of Windows Virtual Desktop to transform the way we work, and we’re looking forward to shaping it for years to come.”

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