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The Results Are In, Meet ATL’s Top Millennials

by Ryan Waller

The 1st Ever One In A Millennial Awards Ceremony went down last Wednesday, September 23rd. Hosted by TAG Young Professionals at General Assembly Atlanta, the night kicked off with networking and 10 killer tips to success for Millennials (…or really just anyone that wants to succeed) by Sangram Vajre (@sangramvajre).

  1. Challenge the status quo.
  2. Ideas are shit. Execution is everything.
  3. Dream big.
  4. Always be connecting.
  5. Build a personal brand.
  6. Learn how to sell. (You’re always selling something.)
  7. Fail so much that you’re not scared anymore.
  8. Create your own “life long” board of advisors.
  9. Bank 2000% on your own strength.
  10. Be yourself

Next up, the winners for each category were announced…

Top Newcomer: Melissa Nemec – Director of Community Operations at Tech Talent South
Personal Brand: Sonia Lakhany – Trademark Attourney at Lakhany Law, PC
Marketing & Social Media: Kelly SchmalzSpringbot
Professionals Services Leader: Katie Rogers – VP Professional Services at Salesloft
Top Recruiter: Jonathan Garner – Recruiting Director at Cloud Sherpas
Top Sales Leader: Anthony Zhang – Director of Sales at Salesloft
STEM Leader: Sarah Lashinksy – Maker Mentor at Community Guilds’ STE(A)M Truck
Technologist of the Year: William McGinnis – Software Engineer at Predikto

Congratulations to each of the winners. Your hard work and determination are making a huge impact on the Atlanta technology ecosystem. We’re glad you spring chickens are here!

[Photo credit: General Assembly Atlanta]

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