Maija Ehlinger is Taking My Job as Hypepotamus Editor-in-Chief. Don’t Worry — It’s Actually Awesome

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A year ago my friend Muriel Vega, Hypepotamus’ former managing editor, invited me to coffee at Little Tart Bakeshop in Atlanta’s Summerhill neighborhood to discuss an editorial position at the Southeast’s leading publication covering innovation and technology. Today, as my tenure as editor-in-chief comes to an end, I wanted to start by thanking her for sharing the opportunity and convincing me it was as awesome as it turned out to be.

It has been a tremendous privilege editing Hypepotamus and covering the technology sector in the South. This is an amazing publication with a fantastic publisher (what’s up Ashish!), a deep catalog of stories chronicling the ever-growing tech ecosystem in Atlanta and beyond, a solid team that delivers informed and detailed information every day, and a highly engaged audience. Leaving my post was not an easy decision, but don’t worry — you’re in great and highly capable hands with Hype’s new editor-in-chief, Maija Ehlinger.

As the story of Hypepotamus continues to unfold, Maija will certainly continue to build and grow this publication in ways that I know you’ll enjoy. I know for sure I’ll enjoy watching, and advising, along with Muriel and former editors Holly Beilin and Tricia Whitlock. 

In the meantime, Hypepotamus is also looking for freelance writers who can cover startup news and find valuable stories in funding announcements, events, cohorts and everywhere else the Southern tech community can be found. Even/especially if that’s a local brewery! If you or someone you know loves tech and innovation, and has a solid set of writing clips that show serious reporting skills, let us know!

Personally, I loved spotlighting how tech is becoming much more diverse and inclusive, and I’m looking forward to continuing to see this represented at Hypepotamus on the reader’s side. It’s been a lifelong passion of mine to bring people together, particularly because there are bridges that connect communities all around us if you know where to look. I know Maija is excited about the work ahead in this area, and I am very confident in her ability to lead in this endeavor. 

“Bittersweet” is such an overused term — usually one that people use because it’s easy. While moving on from Hype isn’t exactly easy, it’s something I do knowing that I’ve cherished this experience and have grown tremendously from it. 

Congratulations to Maija as she takes the EIC reins! Thank you to Muriel, Holly, Angela, Manu, Emma and of course Ashish for being wonderful, hard-working people. 

And everyone else, thank you for your feedback, encouragement, support and attention. You could have been reading any silly tech publication in town, but you read the one I edited, and I appreciate that. Keep up with me at LinkedIn — I’m not going very far and I’ll certainly still be hanging around you tech folks. 

Mike Jordan


Mike Jordan