Looking for Office Space? Buckhead for $225 a month

Came across a call out today on John Melonakos blog Not Only Luck for available startup space. John is the CEO & Cofounder of ArrayFire a company that provides software and services for data-parallel computing with GPUs and accelerators. 

“20 Startup Desks Available. I’m excited to announce that we will be moving into our new office next week! Over the past 9 months, we have gone through a lenghty process of finding, negotiating, and remodeling a great office space for ArrayFire, Brinktop, and the other companies we will bake.

The location is right next door to the Atlanta Tech Village at 3405 Piedmont Rd Suite 100 in Buckhead. As former Village tenants, we are excited to remain close to that wonderful startup hub. It is full of great energy, and we love the things they are doing there for startups and for Atlanta.

In our new office, we leased more space than we immediately need in order to have room to grow. So we have 20 desks available to any startup that wants to be around this area. We of course recommend and vouch strongly for moving into the Village, but if that option is not a fit for your startup, come talk to us and we can accommodate up to 20 people through a mixture of 3 private offices and one larger open area. Price is $225/person/month + $50/person/month parking (charged by the building not us).

You can contact Oded if interested: oded@arrayfire.com”

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