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Local MK and Gaming Guru on NPR

by Tricia Whitlock

Last month Jeff Hilimre, Co-Founder of Dragon Army and Match, sat down to share his story on NPR. 

Listen on your commute home. 

Jeff’s points you won’t want to miss: 

  • Mobile is where everything is headed
  • Gaming is a 20+ billion dollar business that keeps growing
  • Great pool of talent here with Georgia Tech and SCAD (top gaming schools in the country)
  • Platform vs. mobile games
  • Building process
  • Storytelling through gaming

jeff hilimire

“In his 20s, Jeff Hilimire founded a web development and digital marketing agency that quickly attracted some of the biggest clients around: The Coca-Cola Company, Home Depot, UPS and more. When he sold that company to a much bigger marketing firm, he became a multi-millionaire before age 30. Today, he’s the president of Dragon Army, an Atlanta firm that builds game apps for phones and tablets. Hilimire’ s first effort is a game called “Robots Love Ice Cream.” I talk to him about how you build a game app from the ground up, and about the shape of the mobile app business today.”- NPR

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