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Leave Your Mark on Georgia Tech’s Campus

by Tricia Whitlock

The Georgia Tech Student Gov Association is hosting a case competition for sustainability called “Greenovation,” led by Brian Schmatz & Namrata Kolla.

About the event: A week-long event is a case competition about sustainably renovating GT’s campus buildings. Students will be given all types of metrics about a building (energy, water, trash, etc.) and will have a few days to devise a solution that makes the building more sustainable. They will present to a panel of judges, and the winning group will have the opportunity to leave a permanent impact on campus through their design.

Hosted by: The Campus Sustainability Committee was created to facilitate cooperation between faculty, staff and student sustainability movements and present a united front for Georgia Tech Sustainability efforts in our interactions with the City of Atlanta and larger global community, and further to be direct advocates for students’ sustainability concerns in SGA.

When: March 23-28th, 2015

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