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Fast-Growing Digital Marketing Startup JumpCrew Raises Series B

by Muriel Vega

Customer acquisition startup JumpCrew has closed a $7.2 million Series B funding round, co-led by Nashville Capital Network and Hinsdale Capital,  to accelerate product innovation, hiring, and additional acquisitions in 2019.

“We are excited to acquire more strong niche brands and we are building some game-changing tools to make it easier for our clients to manage and convert marketing and ad spending to revenue,” co-founder and executive chairman David Pachter tells Hypepotamus.

“To manage the growth, we’ll continue investing in our human capital plan so that people joining the organization add the skills they need to grow with us.”

That means adding 100 employees to the current 350+ team.

The digital marketing platform offers client acquisition tools to clients across industries like healthcare, publishing, and technology. It helps them accelerate sales by creating brand awareness through paid social and SEO, and then integrating lead generation and sales under one hub.

During a period of hypergrowth, the company completed an initiative to hire 100 salespeople in 100 days. Last year, Pachter talked about how they were able to finish the challenge by keeping the hiring process open-minded, often on-boarding employees with no sales background, in favor of other favorable skills.

“We have strong data on the candidates who have excelled in our program. We put a lot of work into recruiting, interviewing and screening. Being a part of an organization with a growth mindset is not for everyone. It’s demanding and requires a balance of  initiative, grit and patience,” says Pachter.

“The transition to being a larger company has required that we over-communicate expectations — and work harder at maintaining the culture that made us successful.”

JumpCrew’s strength is in its portfolio of digital publications, directories, and aggregators that advertisers can use to boost their exposure. In 2018 they acquired three new niche marketing brands — AHRN.com, MyBaseGuide.com and Target Marketing — to add to their portfolio of more than 200 titles.

“The products we are building will allow our customers to access a variety of niche audiences by location and leverage their marketing/ad dollars much more effectively,” says Pachter.

Co-founded by CEO Robert Henderson, JumpCrew has now raised, in total, $15.9 million. It has added to its Nashville headquarters with offices in New York City, San Diego, and Kentucky.

They are launching an inaugural conference, Jumpcon, this October to highlight “the power of integrating sales and marketing to improve conversions, acquire customers, and increase revenue,” says Pachter.

“JumpCrew has demonstrated a great ability to use technology to maximize growth. Sound strategy and flawless execution have enabled JumpCrew to build high quality revenue for its clients and expand their offerings through acquisitions,” said Sid Chambless, Managing Partner at NCN Partners Fund.

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