Present Procrastinator? Atlanta Companies Have Your Holidays Covered

Hypepotamus recently learned that most holiday shoppers procrastinate, so if you have yet to squeeze in the rest of your seasonal buys, fear not, because we have you covered. Not only will our gift ideas send smiles for miles, you’ll also be supporting the Atlanta community too. (That’s a win-win if you ask us.) So, get to shopping before you’re blacklisted from any future family gift exchanges.

For Style


Sock Fancy: It’s universal knowledge that dryers have been separating even the strongest sock couples since the 19th Century. Keep your hipster friend’s sock game strong with a monthly delivery of fancy footwear (without breaking the bank).


Terminus Threads: From pocket squares to hankies, these threads are sure to please that modern southerner in your life. Using trimmings from the best fabrics in the high fashion biz, these petit products promise pizzaz.


Veeshee: Who doesn’t love customized products these days? Whether it’s a travel duffel for the adventurer in your life or a baby blanket for your doting niece, Veeshee is sure to satisfy.

bare bliss box

Bare Bliss Box: After one too many holiday cocktails and bonbons, we all need a little skin TLC. Not only are these monthly beauty boxes organic, they’re vegan and toxin free.

For Family


Luma: Sometimes the best gifts come in tiny sleek packages, and when it comes to the best in fast, secure home wifi, Luma delivers. Gift the ultimate hostess-with-the-mostest in your life with a home wifi network that purrs like a kitten.

clue town

Clue Town Books: Take a new approach to group games with pensive and playful scavenger hunts. Tromp around Atlanta and see if your crew has what it takes to win.

For Fun


KontrolFreek: The gamers in your life will be poised and ready for all the action with KontrolFreek’s latest performance products, which range from grips to thumbsticks. (Or keep them for yourself, you’ve earned it after all this shopping.)


Vayando: Skip the typical trip and give the gift of true adventure with a travel itinerary that’s sure to surprise the most seasoned globetrotter in your life.


Wisecracker: After shredding the streets, every cyclist likes to wind down with a cold one. Now your favorite spinner won’t have to worry about forgetting a bottle opener because it’ll now be fastened to their favorite ride.

For Everyone

hey joe coffee

Hey Joe Coffee: Ditch the wasteful K-Cups and take the freshest cup o’joe on the road with the world’s first smart coffee mug. Hey Joe Coffee is a surefire way to please all the coffee snobs in your life – and receive bonus points because they’re environmentally conscious too.

scout mob

Scoutmob Gift Certificate: From local fare to fashionable merch, Scoutmob has your back. If you pick the finicky cousin for your family gift exchange then a Scoutmob Gift Certificate is the perfect way to go. Let them do the ultimate decision making and come off as a rockstar gift-giver.


New Story Charity:  This nonprofit startup is rebuilding communities around the world. If you’ve got a loved one who prefers to give more than receive, skip the “world’s best” mug and make a donation in their name. Plus it’s 100% tax deductible.

Know of another sweet Atlanta startup with awesome gifts for the holidays? Let us know!