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Find Out What Happens When Innovators Stop Being Regular Students & Start Getting Disruptive

by Tricia Whitlock

The true story of 40+ strangers, picked to live in a house, work together and focus their lives on startups, to find out what happens when innovators stop being regular students… and start getting disruptive.


Today is the official first day of GT Startup House. This program is a part of the ThnkBig initiative of Georgia Tech, that puts students with similar interests in the same dorm and offers them related programming and projects.

The details provided by Brandy Nagel of VentureLab: 

  • GT Startup House students commit to living two semesters in a dorm on the westside of campus, which is conveniently central to the Invention Studio and Startup Exchange.
  • It’s an eclectic group. There are a little over 40 students involved, nine of them are young ladies. It is also a mix of international students and pulls from many of the schools on campus.
  • Half of the students don’t have a startup idea in mind quite yet and the program is anticipating 10 startups to be formed over the course of the year.
  • Programming will include students meeting with a faculty member once a week and participating in group activities every two weeks. The students will learn lean startup methods and begin the school year with an ideation and focus on customer discovery to get the ball rolling.
  • The mentors are Keith Mcgreggor, Harold Solomon, Colin Ake, and Brandy Nagel.


Are you an experienced and local entrepreneur willing  to share your startup failure story with these students?  GT Startup House is looking for folks to join in their “How I fu*$!ed up my startup” discussion to teach the students how to identify failure modes, drown proof their future careers, and become anti-fragile young entrepreneurs.  If interested email Brandy at brandy.nagel@venturelab.gatech.edu.



[Photo Credit: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-6jQ3iD3d-aA/UV3qF6RVWyI/AAAAAAAAI3s/0snioOqoffg/s1600/Real+World2.jpg]

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