Growth Hacking In a Nutshell

Roger Lopez, VP of marketing at Sideqik put together an awesome set of slides on growth hacking for the latest digital school. Peruse the major takeaways below and then check out the slides to improve how your company is employing analytical thinking & social metrics to sell products or gain exposure.

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PULL ➔ Giving customers a reason to come ➔ Finding us before we find them ➔ Drawing them in

  • Blog and  guest blog for SEO
  • Create whitepapers, podcasts,infographics, and webinars to come across as a thought leader and drive product/service confidence
  • Utilize app B2C marketplaces, deal sites to add reach and look for opportunities to leverage other people’s audience

PUSH ➔ Not to appeal, but to convince ➔ Paid result – based ➔ Pushing the customers to the product/service

  • Consider target audiences and test variations of your ad when purchasing ads
  • Cross promotional swapping: tweets, posts, dedicated/sponsored email, ad space, giveaway

PRODUCT ➔ The product brings traffic/awareness ➔ Paid result – based ➔ A product being used by a group that gets another group to use it

  •  Network invitations to try product from phone, email, and social contacts
  • Integrate the product with existing social network through API level

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