GoShare Launches In Atlanta to Ease the Pain of Moving

GoShare Atlanta

Is there anything worse than moving? Hauling furniture and coordinating moving services can put a strain on your wallet, your nerves, and certainly your back. But now, a new service has entered Atlanta to bring a truck — with driver — to your home in less than an hour, for a fraction of the cost.

On-demand truck service GoShare is bringing their moving, hauling and delivery service to Atlanta starting this week. The company applies the now-ubiquitous “Uber model” of ride sharing to a new driving vertical: the hauling industry.

Through their smartphone app, GoShare connects people and businesses who need to haul or deliver large items with truck and van owners who want to make extra cash. GoShare’s drivers not only transport the items, but also help load them in and out of their vehicles and help with any assembly necessary (say, in the case of furniture). Essentially, they make the entire process of moving or hauling a little bit less of a heavy lift.

The San Diego-based company, which launched in 2014, also currently operates in Los Angeles and the New Jersey/New York City area. Atlanta is their fourth market.

“We are very excited to launch GoShare in Atlanta,” says CEO Shaun Savage. “We chose Atlanta to be our next market because we are receiving a lot of organic demand from drivers and customers.”

GoShare has already hired more than 30 truck drivers in the Atlanta metro area and plans to expand that to the hundreds in 2017. To be hired, drivers must pass an online exam, a vehicle inspection, and a background check.