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Google Fiber Considers Atlanta

by Laura Lindeman

News has been trickling over the wires since mid-February that data giant Google is considering a list of 34 metro-areas, including Atlanta and surrounding cities, for an expanded roll out of its super fast fiber internet.

Get caught up with the scoop:

  • Fiber operates at 100 times the speed typically delivered by cable companies today.
  • Google is poised to bring serious competition to current providers, such as Comcast.
  • To make its investment, which could reach into the billions of dollars, worthwhile, Google is looking to partner with cities that it deems “Fiber-ready,” based on a list of physical components and willingness of the local governments to provide help with various logistics.
  • It’s possible that access to Fiber in the Atlanta area would be limited to residential customers. Sandy Springs has shared the most about its dealings with Google and has expressed concerns about the infrastructure data Google requires to move forward.
  • Fiber is currently in place in Provo, Utah and Kansas City, Kansas, with Austin, Texas slated to receive it next.
  • Cities should know within the year whether they’ll be receiving Fiber from Google.

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[Info Graphic Credit: http://www.adweek.com/files/tt-google-fiber-01-2013.jpg]

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