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Eye Disorder Diagnostic App GoCheck Kids Raises $6 Million Series B

by Muriel Vega

Vision screening startup GoCheckKids has raised a $6 million Series B round led by healthcare investment firm FCA Venture Partners with participation from Mucker Capital and Sovereign’s Capital. One of the first iPhone apps to be registered with the FDA, GoCheckKids helps pediatricians diagnose vision-related impairments in young children.

“We’ll use this funding to deepen our electronic health record integrations and leverage Apple’s AI capabilities. Both advancements will increase GoCheck Kids’ appeal to more pediatric teams and, in turn, give more kids the opportunity to see their potential,” CEO Kevon Saber tells Hypepotamus.

The startup was founded by ophthalmologist Dr. David Huang who saw the need for an affordable screening tool to diagnose possible vision disorders in young children. Many health clinics cannot afford the expensive equipment needed to diagnose these issues early on.

Children, meanwhile, often don’t communicate their issue or may even not realize that there’s something’s wrong, which can affect their learning and health as they grow.

When using GoCheckKids’ app, the nurse or doctor takes an iPhone photo of the child from 3.5 feet away during their normal pediatrician check up.  The app uses machine learning software to review how the light reflects on the eye and identifies risk factors. The procedure, called photoscreening, is reimbursed by most insurers.

Any issues identified, like myopia, hyperopia, amblyopia (lazy eye), will be recorded in their electronic health record.

Saber mentions how Apple’s recently-rolled out AI developer tools will help the team improve upon their current capabilities.

“The addition of Apple’s Core ML and ARKit will boost our clinical efficacy via more powerful segmentation of everything in the photos our app analyze,” says Saber.

Apple’s Core ML allows developers to easily integrate complex machine learning models into iOS apps that include on-device face detection.

“This will open even more doors for us and allow us to seamlessly become a part of the routine care kids need,” says Saber.

The Nashville-based company will expand its sales team in an effort to triple customers to 15,000 physicians across the U.S.

“Amblyopia and other vision disorders are a U.S. public health crisis that doesn’t get enough press. With its innovative solution and a growing number of hospital system customers, GoCheck is primed to solve this crisis,” said Matthew A. King, managing partner of FCA Venture Partners.

To date, the company has now raised $26 million in funding from investors like Interwest Partners and Salesforce founder Marc Benioff.

Every child deserves to see what they’re capable of. We’re thrilled to partner with investors who want to protect the learning potential of children and lower healthcare costs via advanced technology,” says Saber.

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