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Gift Guide & Blackmail Worthy Photos From the Startup Holiday Party

by Tricia Whitlock

The following is the result of 50 Royal Flush shots, 83 Sweetwater pints, 49 Irish Whiskeys, and so much more. The SWEeT Holiday Party rang up a drink tally that rivals the length of a CVS receipt. Needless to say, it was one hell of a party. 

Once everyone was feeling “spirited” Hypepotamus asked a few ATL startup community members to share what tech product would be at the top of their dream holiday wish list. From walkie talkies to Teslas … see what they had to say. Synapp.io’s growth hacker, Maria Joyner was the one snapping the classic pictures. Her creative direction for the shoot was to “make love to the camera.” The result? Shenanigans we can all enjoy until SWEeT 2015.

VP of Technology at Brandmovers
His dream holiday gift? “an asteroid, or a house on an asteroid”
“a sick drone… the sweetest drone that money can buy”
KP Reddy (v neck tshirt)
President, rcms. Group
“a tiny house” or “structural engineering planning”
CEO & Founder of PerfectPost
“a Tesla”
2014 mac minis with non-integrated ram”
Cofounder of Strongbox West
“I want to learn how to meditate… and an AMC Javelin”
Chibueze Ihenacho
CEO/Cofounder at Traumedex
“An apple watch/iWatch”
Nathan Settembrini
Program Manager at Equifax
“a new monitor, or a helicopter style drone”
Program Director at TiE Atlanta
“a robotic puppy… my boyfriend won’t let me have one”
Kyle Porter (on right)
CEO of SalesLoft
“A Monsieur robotic bartender”
“A Soneter so I  can remotely turn the water off in my cabin,  a NEST & walkie talkies, because that’s what my son wants”
J. Cornelius
Founder and President at Nine Labs
“A 4 door Tesla”

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