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Get the Grub | Fooda is Expanding to ATL

by Tricia Whitlock

In 2007, Fooda’s cofounders were fed up with the crummy lunch options around their office. That’s when Orazio Buzza and Vip Sandhir, who at the time were President & Executive Vice President at Echo Global Logistics ($247.7 million in total revenue/1,200+ employees), decided to bring local Chicago restaurants into their workplace on a rotating basis. Soon after, the whole building wanted a piece of the delicious action and the startup idea was born.  Fooda’s tech powered food delivery is now expanding to Atlanta, so try it out in your workplace, let them know about your favorite restaurants, or land your next job on the local nascent team.

To get the scoop on Fooda and their expansion to ATL, we caught up with their COO, Jason Stulberg.


Here’s what we found out:

  • Founded in 2011
  • Around 80 employees
  • At the end of last year they closed a $5 mill round from Valor Equity Partners. As a part of the deal Valor insisted that the seed investors (Lightbank and KGC Capital) couldn’t take part. 
  • Fooda decided to expand to NY after 2 1/2 years of growth and scaling from one product offering to three. Another factor was honing internal operations, which they now run on a platform built from scratch.
  • Since then they have expanded to five new markets and plan to reach 10 by the end of this year. While Fooda provides a high level of autonomy to the individual markets, they also try to maintain a close knit team via weekly breakfasts, training from their launch team, and regular calls between employees with the same role in different markets.
  • The decision to come to Atlanta was influenced by the size of the market, the close knit entrepreneurial ecosystem, and our strong foodie culture that is a good sign of faithful customers and employees.
  • Grab one of their open positions: Director of Sales (leader of the market) & Biz Development Manager.



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