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Mobile Gas Station Startup Fuels Up With $2M Raise

by Muriel Vega

Fuel delivery startup FuelFox has closed a $2 million investment after seeing growth of over 600 percent in 14 months. The Birmingham, AL-based company uses custom-designed trucks to deliver fuel directly to individuals and commercial fleets.

“We’re going to use the funds to increase our market share here in Birmingham and scale FuelFox to other markets, eventually going nationwide,” CEO Ben Morris tells Hypepotamus. “We will also expand our truck fleet, hire new ambassador drivers and add to our corporate team.”

The company solves those moments when you’re halfway to the office and the gas tank light turns on. The impetus for Morris was when his wife complained about both the inconvenience of this task, as well as the subpar gas station experience in general.

“I wish someone would deliver my gas,” she said to the former attorney. Morris was intrigued by the idea, sharing that gas stations are also often the site of crimes. After a bout of formal research into the legality of delivering gas and required Department of Transportation compliance, he started looking at truck designs.

The trucks, driven by FuelFox ambassadors, are custom-designed to fit into small spaces. Similar to landscaping trucks, the vehicles hold a DOT and EPA-compliant tank with a 1,200 gallon capacity.

“We built this custom tank so we could safely and efficiently deliver fuel directly to consumers,” says Morris.

Business is generated from a proprietary app, from which consumers can register, pay a subscription fee, and schedule a fill-up at one of the designated fuel points, called Fox Spots.

The fuel truck goes to designated locations each day of the week. Once scheduled, the app sends a reminder to unlock the car’s gas tank on the day of scheduled service. The team will wash the car windshield and check tire pressure, too.

All payments occur through the app. FuelFox charges the daily gas rate set by AAA for the county or city they’re in, plus a small margin.

When the app launched one year ago, they had a single truck and two employees. FuelFox now has four trucks, seven employees, and last month, dispensed 100,000 gallons of fuel.

According to Morris, FuelFox has dispensed over a million gallons since launch.

“We have seen exponential, organic growth in one market and we’ve ordered additional custom trucks that will be delivered by the end of the year. Then we will expand to more markets,” says Morris.

All photos courtesy of FuelFox

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