Free Class on Growth Hacking

October 21 6:30-8:PM at ATDC 

What do Dropbox, AirBNB and Craigslist have in common? They all used growth hacking techniques to grow their businesses.

 Join us at the ATDC to learn about the difference between marketing and growth hacking, how to define goals goals that will help your business grow (and chart your progress towards them), and how to run experiments to test what your customers want and need.

Growth Hacking – A marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses…
3P strategy – Pull, Push and Product Strategy.

In this Startup Education program, participants will:

  • Clearly define the term “growth hacking” and learn how companies are currently applying it to increase their user base.
  • Create a growth hack strategy in order to optimize an existing product / company’s conversion funnel
  • Present your growth hack strategies and defend your decisions.
  • Understand viral campaigns, A/B testing and how to identify your most valuable acquisition channels

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The following class Digital/Ecommerce School: Launch your Startups Web Presence with Wordpress on a Shoestring Budget will be November 4th 6:30-8:PM at ATDC. Sign up to save your spot.