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These Startups Will Make Sparks Fly At Your Independence Day Party

by Jasmyne Moody

Summer has rolled around with festivals, concerts, and outdoor hikes galore — and next up is Independence Day! If you’re planning a fourth of July bash, you’ve got a lot to think about: food, booze, and entertainment.

Y’all, we’ve got you. We’ve compiled a list of the best apps to help with planning your affair, from live music to post-party cleanup. 

For staying organized and budgeting: BashBLOK

It’s hard to remember every detail when planning an event. Did you hire the photographer? Are all the decorations taken care of? Did you budget enough for food? The planning process can become so tiresome that the idea of the party begins to sound unappealing. BashBLOK keeps you organized with checklists and budgeting tools. With notifications to remind you of exactly what you need to check off leading up to the event, you’ll never forget to pay the caterer again.

For the freshest of food: Sourcify

If you’re planning on grilling, Sourcify lets you check one thing off your list: quality local food. Sourcify is a virtual farmer’s market lets you create a grocery list, pay online, and pick up at a designated pickup spots. Avoid spending hours in the overcrowded market, know exactly what you’ll be getting, and get on with your day.

Picking the right booze: BeerThirty

You’ve settled on decorations and picked up the food. Next on the list — booze. Wondering what’s on tap in your area? Hit up BeerThirty, an Atlanta-based app that pulls real-time beer inventory data from breweries and growler shops near you. Skip generic grocery store brews and serve your guests the good stuff.

Capture the memories: EventBooth/Shotzy

Give your guests the power of the high-quality selfie with the EventBooth app. Rent one of their photo booths and manage all the photos with their easy-to-use sharing app. Want to capture candids? Hire a photographer on demand with Shotzy. The app lets you sort through the best photographers in your area who accept gigs based on availability. The photography will arrive at the party ready to capture each moment of laughter (you ordered the beer, right?) as the night goes on.

For live music: EVAmore

A party with no music is simply a gathering. Playing music off your Spotify playlists can be pretty hit or miss, and then there’s the pain of making sure you have the right equipment for it. EVAmore solves this problem by putting live music bookings at the touch of your fingers. Find pre-vetted entertainers (singers, bands, DJs, etc.) that fit your criteria, make a bid, and book! EVAmore takes care of all of the small details like contracts and payments — and you can see it all on your dashboard.

For the after-party cleanup: Tydee

Say you throw your party on the Saturday before the fourth, but waste pickup isn’t until Thursday. Trash piles up quickly at parties, and it really stinks to have to leave those bags sitting around. That’s where Tydee comes in with its valet trash services. A subscription-based app, Tydee will pick your trash up right from your door on whatever day you order. No one wants to smell beer and barbecue after 5 days in the sun.

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