ATL’s Oldest Skyscraper | Opening Soon as Striking New Tech Hub

Hype first covered FlatironCity back in August when we highlighted go-getter Katie Ryan (Manager extraordinaire). We’ve eagerly awaited for a chance to spill the beans on the latest details of their 2015 launch – so without further ado we give you FlatironCity. Sit back, relax, and take in all its triangle glory.


Buoyantly described by Katie as “the gateway to Poplar District and Woodruff Park,” FlatironCity will be an interactive wonderland the moment you enter the space. As Atlanta’s oldest skyscraper this isn’t your typical industrial domain, but rather a meaningful adornment of historic features. A walkthrough of the plans reveal a cozy space with rich hardwood floors, inviting you in like the best room of your house.

7B Rendered   MIC - 3d nook
Lounge seating will be placed throughout the space, offering a warm feel, perfect for a meeting over drinks (and enviable by The Godfather himself). There will be phone-booth nooks, hammocks, desks you can write on, adjustable conference rooms (expanding from 2-12+ people), and more – no corner is left unturned. And let’snot forget about the food. Decide between fresh soups, sandwiches, or Figo pasta on the first floor – where a farm-style communal table will be waiting for you and your beer (or wine or coffee, because they will have that too)!


And FlatironCity won’t hard stop at decor either, with ample chances to nerd out with the latest in technology. There will be 55 inch monitors in the lounge, surface hubs, gaming consoles, a HoloLens, phenomenal WiFi, and word on the street is there may even be a 3D printer in the cafe. If you’re wondering, “how do I get to this glorious place?”, you have options my friend. MARTA is a close walk, Atlanta Streetcar is a stones throw away, cycle over and safely lockup your bike, or take the ole’ fashioned way and drive (with parking two blocks away).

Many of these features (55″ monitors, lounge chairs, surface hubs, and more) are available in the Microsoft Innovation Center and public space located on the ground floor. Additional amenities are offered to who Katie lovingly calls “citizens” of FlatironCity. These tenants will have access to work-space in the building on the E-Floors. Forget Comcast and AT&T with their ugly 3 year contracts… Katie’s citizens have Zayo providing a 2G fiber optic line with dedicated internet access (DIA), access to a Surface Hub and HoloLens in 2016 to conduct research, $150 monthly credit for web-based services, and furniture that we all want… heck… you may never leave!

DSC_0120 DSC_0145






FlatironCity is slated for a soft-open in November/December, with the showcase of SwitchPitch Oct. 15th. There will be a culmination of events leading up to the full launch at the end of the year – paving the way for future opportunities suited for the pro-nerd in all of us. Topics up for consideration are workshops for entrepreneurs, professional coaching, and mentoring sessions. “We want every piece of the building to inspire creativity and innovation. The community will drive how we grow in the future. A home for young companies to grow their businesses.” 

Stay tuned to hear more of what’s to come and sign up to find out more about becoming a FlatironCity Citizen.


[Photo Credit: Whitlock]