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Flashpoint Fall 2014 Batch Prepares to Demo

by Jasmine Jacobs

Flashpoint, a program dedicated to accelerating startups, is about to roll out another batch of climate-changing companies. After months of intense workshops, the 12 companies below are almost ready to present to investors in Atlanta and New York City.

Stay posted for this batch’s GA demo day announcement, and in the meantime get to know the startups:

“We use technology and advanced analytics to connect people with the right resources at the right time to improve personal decision making and outcomes.”

“Bobicus = Laptops + Unlimited Customer Service for Baby Boomers & Up (55+)”

“Predictive analytics for the internet of things.”

“Digital Educational Therapy for Dyslexics of all ages”

“Beverage to capture the adult hydration opportunity”

Get Lawyer
“Connect lawyers and clients using Smartphone technologies, wisdom of the crowd and social media.”

“Warranty and Dealer Management for the Heavy Equipment Space”

Florence Healthcare
“Florence Healthcare’s software connects health data from outside the clinic with the healthcare community.”

“JScreen is an at home genetic carrier screening program.”

“Mydify allows you to get real time feedback from your peers while shopping”

“N4MD helps companies gather, create and share the best content on the web to increase sales and retain customers.”

“Provides private stem cell and tissue collection and storage from a patient’s own extracted healthy teeth.”

[Photo credit: Screenshot]

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