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AI-Driven Fraud Protection Company Feedzai Set to Double Atlanta Workforce

by Holly Beilin

Feedzai, a Silicon Valley-based fraud detection company, plans to double its operations in Atlanta by the end of the year. The company currently has 30 employees in the city, but says that will nearly double to 60 by the start of 2019.

According to company representatives, it’s part of their larger growth strategy to reach 400 employees globally. Feedzai has an additional U.S. office in New York City, as well as an international presence in London, Portugal and Hong Kong.

Feedzai spun out of academic and government research in 2009 with a founding team made up of data scientists and aerospace engineers. They’ve raised $82 million from investors including Citi Ventures, Capital One Growth Ventures, Sapphire Ventures and more.

The Feedzai platform uses AI and machine learning to analyze data and provide insight into customer behavior to detect fraud for banks, retailers, and payment providers. They analyze $5 billion in transactions each day and have 10 of the largest 25 banks as clients.

They opened their Atlanta office in 2016, drawn by local partners such as payment processing giant First Data.

“Atlanta is such a great place to be, both for living and working,” says SVP of Operations Kathryn Montilla. “Many of our best partners and customers have a presence here, including First Data who is headquartered here.”

“It’s also a great place to find technical talent who are ambitious to take on challenges,” she says. Almost all of the Atlanta-based roles Feedzai currently has open are technical in nature, ranging from data scientist to data visualization engineer to senior software engineer.

“Atlanta has proven to be a great place to find really skilled teammates. There are tons of great schools in the region of course, but also a real vibrance in the city with smart engineers, data scientists, and other tech workers,” says Montilla.

“For people in Atlanta looking for a tech company with growing operations in the area but a very global reach, they’ll definitely have a place at Feedzai.”

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