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Social Enterprise | Ending Homelessness for ATL’s Vets

by Tricia Whitlock

The United Way Regional Commission on Homelessness (RCOH) is on a mission to engage all segments of the community to drive sustainable change in education, income, health and homelessness, while continuing to address urgent and basic human care. The newest initiative to come out the commission is the Vets Connect Project.This program works to identify gaps and propose solutions in an effort to eliminate the barriers to housing homeless veterans.

RCOH is teaming up with a group of small non-profit organizations, including Homes of Light, Atlanta Furniture Bank, First Step StaffingVeterans Empowerment Organization, and Atlanta Step-Up Society, to form the Veteran Social Enterprise Program that will support cooperation and shared best practices between all of these businesses. Intern programs will also be employed through these non-profits, offering various types of training and job experience to the veterans.

The program is now looking to involve the local community. They are seeking a core group of volunteers to provide connections and support that will help these social enterprises grow, and are interested in engaging startup folks. The ultimate goal is to create a collaborative and impactful program from the ground up while also helping to end homelessness for metro Atlanta veterans.

If you are passionate about the power of social enterprise and its role in helping to end the cycle of veteran homelessness, join up!

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