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Corporate Engagement Platforms onQ and Jubi Merge to Serve the Whole Employee Journey

by Muriel Vega

Employee experience platforms onQ and Jubi announced a merger of their operations to help support enterprise clients more efficiently. As part of the merger, they also collected $5.8 million in growth capital from private investors.

Jubi’s white-labeled e-learning platform helps companies turn employee training into a more interactive, engaging experience. Feedback platform onQ is more of an employee retention play, allowing enterprises to collect real-time feedback through chat-style discussions and content analytics.

“There are over 500 e-learning platforms in the market. It is crowded and difficult to find a clear distinction. All of sudden, this merger gives us a differentiator that no other company has,” Terry Barber, Chief Culture Officer at Atlanta-based onQ/Jubi, tells Hypepotamus. “Combining the employee journey with actionable insights and engagement is a game-changer.”

“These two companies were meant to come together to provide a roadmap for corporate improvement and achievement. It is the perfect one-two punch, and a win for our brands and our customers,” says Barber.

Barber says they have developed a clear road map toward product integration. They’re also working to change their name to encompass the combined platform.

“onQ and Jubi are complementary products that can help transform how companies engage with their employees. onQ is great for measurable insights and delivering content, while Jubi is the platform to guide the learning journey,” he says.

For now, both products will continue to serve existing customers separately.

Jubi CEO Larry Mohl is now CRO, while onQ’s Amar Duggasani will function as CEO of the new umbrella company. Duggasani came on as president of onQ this past March.

“Each of us brings a unique skill set and set of experiences to the table. We have the same goals and can complement each other perfectly to get there,” says Barber.

“onQ is very strong in development with 12 full time developers and a terrific CTO on board, while Jubi has a strength in sales and marketing.”

Moving forward, the team will explore ways to move beyond corporate users into sports fan experience and brand customer experience.

“We are aiming to provide a platform to give employees a voice, and become the best collaborative and communication tool for companies driving transformation,” says Barber. “We have huge confidence to grow in the market, as well as to grow our team.”

At the time of the merger, onQ has a team of 25 employees while Jubi has eight. The team will work out of onQ’s expanded offices in Alpharetta.

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