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Atlanta Startups Partner To Increase 3D Printing Education in Classrooms

by Muriel Vega

STEM education, a curriculum based on educating students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields, is gaining popularity as STEM jobs stay on the rise. Employment in STEM-related occupations is projected to grow to more than 9 million — over 10 percent — between 2012 and 2022.

3D intellectual security startup D3CRYPT3D (now PolyPort), which protects 3D asset creators’ original work, has partnered with Atlanta-based 3D library MyStemKits to bring a cybersecurity component to the world of STEM education. Through a new product PolyPort will provide access (and protection!) to the entire MyStemKits library, which includes 150+ Kits and 200+ lesson plans for 3D printing, to students and educators that want to create their own 3D printable designs.

“We saw a major hole in the 3D design process when it comes to secure collaboration. The creative process requires teamwork, but what is the best way to safeguard intellectual property without hindering the creative process?” says Chloe Kettell, CEO of D3CRYPT3D. “This partnership with MyStemKits illustrates the need for this and its viability in the education space. This technology will reshape the collaborative process for many other industries as well.”

The PolyPort platform offers protection to 3D artists to prevent them from falling victim of online theft by tracking who, what, when, where, and why when a file is shared. It also controls these factors in real-time, allowing the designer to gain true control over their 3D assets.

In this case, through PolyPort, the platform will protect the new 3D assets created by students and educators made in the classroom.

“Nurturing STEM in younger students is important because the earlier we can expose kids to the importance of STEM and the future careers the better their chances for success,” says Kettell. MyStemKits helps educators and students alike by providing access to an innovative and creative learning experience using 3D manipulatives to learn and retain concepts easier.

“This partnership unlocks the world’s largest library of STEM-focused design files to educators in a secure manner and in platforms that have wide adoption,” said Laron Walker, CEO of MyStemKits.com. “It provides educators and students with the quickest, hands-on approach to learning, while ensuring a seamless and secure ecosystem. It allows them to use their plug and play software environment with our education platform seamlessly.”

MyStemKits’ curriculum includes Teacher Guides complete with an overview of the content, practices and procedures needed to implement the lessons, including detailed model guides for the 3D kits and detailed parts lists.

“Today, the barrier to entry in teaching 3D modeling is high as there are not many vetted content libraries are available as reference designs,” says Walker. “This partnership will allow for MyStemKits to share it’s premium models securely, alleviating this problem for teachers and students.  As a result, MyStemKits will become the ‘Getty Images’ of 3D STEM Manipulatives.”

Photos via MyStemKits.

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