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Cyber Monday: Our List for Santa

by Tricia Whitlock

Recently Amar Balikai (@abalikai) asked us on Twitter if we had any hardware/gadget recommendations for Christmas gifts? Well Amar, in honor of Cyber Monday here’s a peek at the list we’re sending to Santa.

Kurt Heinrich (eCommHub)-  FitBit

Neil Sethi (eCommHub)- Jambox Jawbone Bluetooth speaker

Justin Holland (eCommHub)- One World Futbol

Sosh Howell (AppedOn)- Opteka BP-SC6000 Ultra High Capacity Backup Battery Solar Charger with Faster Charging EcoPanel & Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

James Harris (N4MD)- Marshall Headphones

Rob Kischuk (Bad.gy)- Amazon Prime Air drone… but in case you want to play the home edition, get one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Syma-Channel-2-4G-Quad-Copter/dp/B00906PKQ4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386015140&sr=8-1&keywords=quadcopter

Tricia Whitlock (Hypepotamus)- Polaroid GL10 Instant 3X4 Mobile Printer for Digital Cameras and Smart Camera Phones

If none of these melt your butter check out 82 more must-have tech toys, by FOX News.

[Photo Credit: fitbit.com]

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