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The Creative Circus | Be an Interactive Development Ringmaster

by Ryan Waller

Founded 20 years ago by five advertising, design and photography professionals, The Creative Circus is a 2 year portfolio advertising school that focuses on training top creatives. With over a 98% placement rate consistently, their mission is to graduate the best prepared, most avidly sought after creatives in the marketing communications industry. Conveniently located in the heart of Atlanta, their building is a colorful converted warehouse that is pet friendly and built to emulate agency culture and encourage creativity and team work.

We caught up with Kathryn Harmon to hear a bit more about the school and its new tech program.

Tech classes offered?
Interactive Development program: Creative Suite, HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, UX/UI, PHP, MySQL, AfterEffects, motion graphics and more. Students learn about industry-standard processes and tools for building a smooth project work-flow including: Version control (Github), HTML/CSS Preprocessors (LESS/SASS), Codeki, XML and JSON data formats while using AJAX to submit form data and to display content from public data feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc). At The Creative Circus, like in the working world, Interactive Developers work closely with the full creative team to bring ideas to life. You don’t have to be completely versed in design, copywriting, or art direction, but when you walk in the door, it is expected that you that you possess a genuine curiosity and willingness to participate in a rigorous program.

Cost of classes?
Varies on how many quarters a developer stays within our program. Each quarter (12 weeks) will cost $5626.50. Financial aid is available to qualifying students.

Special programs/recurring events?
Friday Forum Series is a weekly guest speaker, open to the public, featuring Circus grads and industry experts from companies such as Google, Microsoft, and advertising agencies across the world. You can see who is coming on our calendar of events at: http://www.creativecircus.edu/events-2/

They have an impressive list of instructors including Chris Silich, Interactive Department head, as well as many other part time instructors that are working full time in the industry:

Brad Murphy and Amanda Muir are two recent interactive development grads. Be sure to check out their work and get an idea of the excellence that is born out of the Creative Circus. You can also follow other recent grads here.

Also, don’t miss this video featuring commercials that Circus alumni have helped create:


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