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Former Tech TV Host Brings the Content To Where Viewers Are Watching— Their Computer Screens

by Holly Beilin

Any advertiser or marketer will tell you — the content game is changing faster than Whole Foods stock prices. Nowhere is this more apparent than in television, where the most recent Nielsen data shows a decline of traditional TV watching in every age segment under 50. At the same time, desktop, tablet and mobile video streaming, particularly on social networks or OTT platforms like YouTube, continues to increase. Last year, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds on mobile than any broadcast or cable network.

And nobody knows this better than tech veteran and social media trailblazer Titania Jordan. So, to share stories of technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation, Jordan has partnered with 3Ci to launch a new, online-only tech show: CONNECT with Titania Jordan.

“How do you consume content? Like, you people who are reading this article right now?” says Jordan. “Most likely it’s on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Human behavior has shifted considerably to curated, on-demand content specifically tailored to their niche interests.”

“People want what they want, right this instant, and optimized for mobile lifestyles.”

Jordan’s experience is the perfect storm of entrepreneurial chops, broadcast know-how, and tech proximity. She founded a tech startup, advised many others, and directed a coding camp. She shared the stories of startup founders and cutting-edge technology as the former host of the Atlanta Tech Edge show on 11Alive. And as the CPO (that means Chief Parenting Officer, and yes, you will be quizzed later) of a rapidly-expanding startup called Bark, she’s a regular around the pitch competitions of the southeastern startup scene.

Like Jordan herself, the show gives equal credence to those just beginning their journey in tech to the veterans who have been around the block a time or two. Guests thus far include tech investor Steve Chamberlain, Salesforce VP of Product Marketing Jamie Domenici, founder of Atlanta-based VR studio Chad Eikhoff, and startup founder and community organizer Stefanie Jewett.

Jordan is throwing in some general inspiration as well: she also booked time with Atlanta Hawks Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Nzinga Shaw and former NBA player, now health activist Dominique Wilkins, among others.

“We are trying to reach anyone who is on a quest to learn more about both themselves and the world around them, with a special focus on technology, inspiration, and innovation. CIOs, CEOs, fresh-out-of-college graduates looking to land their first tech job, people going through a mid-life crisis who feel stuck in their current role, and of course, my 94-year-old grandma who is my biggest fan and is actually very active on Facebook!”

“Our mission is to create content that motivates people to find their true calling and tap into their unique abilities,” says Jordan.

You can watch CONNECT with Titania on the website or their YouTube channel.

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