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Atlanta’s Compostwheels Merges With CompostNow to Serve Up Sustainability With Tech

by Holly Beilin

Compostwheels, an Atlanta-based tech-enabled compost pickup service, has merged with Raleigh-based CompostNow to form a more comprehensive company with services across the compost spectrum. The combined company, which will operate under the CompostNow brand, now employs about 50 and will continue to expand into new markets in the coming months.

“We chose to merge with CompostNow because of a very clear mission alignment and the added capacity of two passionate teams combining,” explains Compostwheels’ CEO David Paull, who founded the family-run business in 2012. “Over the past couple of years we have gained more clarity on where we hope to take this and a critical piece to that puzzle was building the best possible team. CompostNow has built a really solid operation and we are thrilled to combine our expertise to take it to the next level.”

The company uses a proprietary software on the customer-facing and internal operations sides of the business. Clients receive a compost receptacle, which is picked up on a schedule depending on a pricing plan. They can log into a dashboard to track waste reduction and compost creation down to the pound — and get the soil created from their food scraps delivered back to them for use or donated to local farms.

“Technology plays an important role in the level of service we offer our customers. We have built proprietary technology that allows our operations team to efficiently move through their collection routes,” says Paull. “It also enables our customers to gain more control with the service through their member dashboard where they can track the amount of compostable material they have diverted from the landfill.”

CompostNow also produces and distributes compostable service ware, including to-go cups, clamshells, silverware, etc. to restaurant and business clients to help increase the amount of waste that is compostable.

The combined company currently services approximately 2,700 households and 200 commercial clients — and have diverted over 5.5 million pounds from landfills in seven years.

CompostNow will continue to serve their Atlanta customers, along with eight municipalities in North Carolina — Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Morrisville, Cary, Apex, and Asheville.

“For us, it has been exciting to see the community that Compostwheels has created and it has been gratifying to see how this movement is growing in Atlanta,” Justin Senkbeil, CEO of CompostNow, said in a statement. “We see the strength of Atlanta’s food system and are thrilled to continue to be an integral part of it.”

CompostNow is focusing on hiring to support their growth and operations.

“As we continue to grow we will look at moving to other markets throughout the southeast in a quest to make more communities compostable,” says Paull.

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