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Data Storage Startup Cohesity Makes Its Way to the Southeast — Here Are Their Expansion Plans

by Muriel Vega

San Jose-based data storage startup Cohesity, recently named in Forbes’ “Next Billion-Dollar Startups 2017,” has expanded with a second office in Raleigh, North Carolina to meet the demand for its streamlined secondary storage platform.

Cohesity aims to declutter your data center by eliminating secondary storage silos, funneling all storage and data including backups, files and more to one web-based dashboard. This allows companies to grow their data infrastructures faster and more cost-effective than traditional storage.

Cohesity’s decision to expand to the region was a logical move, according to President and COO Rob Salmon. Before joining the company five months ago, Salmon had spent time in the Research Triangle Park area as president of data storage enterprise NetApp.

“The Raleigh and Research Triangle Park area is a wonderful area for expertise in almost every facet of the business, from the support operations to inside sales and marketing. And of course, engineering as well,” says Salmon.

“[There’s] tremendous experience from all the tech companies that have been there for a long time, as well as the universities. It’s a great environment to bring in new college graduates. I’ve always been a big fan.”

As COO, Salmon will oversee day-to-day operations both at headquarters in California and in the newly-unveiled office in Raleigh. Up next, Cohesity will embark on a hiring spree to bring on about 100 people to occupy their 8,000+ square-foot office in Raleigh.

“The first focus we have is support and inside sales,” says Salmon. “I would expect to build our engineering organization to complement much of what we’re doing in San Jose. Both offices will working in conjunction and we will have resources in both area for both functions.”

The company will continue building on its 2017 momentum, where they saw headcount double and revenue increase by more than 600 percent. The company also added two regional customers in Raleigh: community health provider Piedmont Healthcare and North Carolina’ Champion Credit Union.

“When I think about the opportunity across the globe, we’re expanding incredibly fast. We’ve gone from a little over 200 people in September to north of 500 people today,” says Salmon. “We’re the fastest growing company in data management in the industry. I believe showing even more dedication to the market will do nothing but help our awareness and presence. Expansion is critical to our success.”

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