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HR Startup Raises $15M Seed For Intelligent Interviewing Platform

by Maija Ehlinger

HR has been front and center as businesses of all sizes navigate labor shortages, new office realities, and future of work conversations spurred by the pandemic. 

“WorkTech”, which broadly includes recruitment, assessment, and interviewing tools, brought in $28.4 billion in venture capital investment since the beginning of 2017. 

It has seen $13 billion in investment in this year alone.

Clovers, with HQs in Los Angeles and Nashville, is part of that momentum, raising a $15 million seed round for its intelligent interviewing platform.

Clovers began as an idea from our co-founder Jason Nazar. Jason, the current CEO of Comparably, was struggling to hire the right talent for key roles. His challenge wasn’t the number of candidates, but the overall hiring process – it was complicated, inconsistent, and taking too long, so he was losing great talent,” the team told Hypepotamus. 

Nazar joined forces with LA-based entrepreneur Adam Miller, founder of HRTech company Cornerstone OnDemand to launch Clovers.

While the platform is AI-centric, the Clovers’ team is focused on making the interview process fundamentally human. “[Clovers] enables teams to deliver more equitable and effective interviews, to easily collaborate on candidate feedback and replay, not recall, key moments in interviews, we help teams more fairly assess candidates for skill and fit and help get the right people in the right roles,” he added. “We know that when candidates’ best qualities are on display, companies are more likely to discover and connect with their own clovers. The bottom line: everyone benefits.”



Its focus on transparency and efficiency in the interview process has landed an impressive ground of investors for its seed round. Greycroft and Alpha Edison were joined by Crosslink Capital, Acadian Ventures, Fika Ventures, and Act One Ventures to round out.

“Conversational and artificial intelligence create a tremendous opportunity to enable fair and equitable interviewing across nearly every industry. In a rapidly changing workplace, where employers increasingly benefit from reaching into new and diverse talent pools, Clovers is building a category-defining company,” said Nate Redmond, Managing Partner at Alpha Edison, in a statement. 

Clovers has a team of 30 with a small office in Nashville, which the team says is an appealing location because it “offers a combination of great talent and a central location for reaching out to clients and prospects in the South, Northeast and Midwest.”


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Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash



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