Five Startups Powering Up the Southeast’s Clean Energy Market

Clean energy’s popularity is on the rise and the Southeast is quickly jumping on board with innovative ways to make energy cleaner and more efficient. Thinking outside the box is key when it comes to clean energy, as it must remain affordable for cities and consumers alike to help the planet become a little healthier.

Whether it’s providing hydropower through a city’s water treatment facility or discovering a new way to use solar power, these companies are applying their expertise to meet their communities’ energy needs. Here are five companies that are rising through the ranks in the clean tech industry.


Emrgy breaks ground on energy technology.

Atlanta-based Emrgy uses gear-box technology to pack turbine-and-generator systems into small, modular and SUV-sized units and install them in existing waterways. So far, the ATDC Signature company has raised over $1 million in grant funds and after a pilot program in an Atlanta water treatment facility, they were named Georgia’s Top Startup at the 24th annual Marketing Awards for Excellence in February.

Emily Morris, founder and CEO, explains that hydropower can can help communities reach their economic development potential with having locally sourced electricity.

Harvest Wave Energy

via Harvest Wave Energy

Harvest Wave Energy has their eyes on the hydropower sector as well, but from a completely different source. The Durham, NC-based startup wants to capture energy from ocean waves as a source of renewable energy for homes around the world. But how? Harvest plans to install commercial-scale wave farm power stations in the ocean to convert waves into electricity. The startup caught the eye of the White House late last year, who honored them at the White House Frontiers Conference.

Atom Power

via Atom Power

With a focus on solid-state power distribution technology, Atom Power developed the world’s first commercially viable solid-state circuit breaker for commercial and industrial buildings. Their offering is more dynamic and intelligent than its predecessors and prevents further electricity hazards. The Charlotte-based startup already has Bosch and Lockheed Martin on their client roster and they recently announced an equity investment from Siemens’ innovation arm.

Koolbridge Solar

via Koolbridge Solar

North Carolina-based Koolbridge Solar kicked off the year with a new CEO who will transition them out of the startup phase. They manufacture an installable solar and utility-grid breaker box with a signature technology — the Smart Load Center. The technology detects outside conditions and automatically switches between different energy sources (generator, solar, etc.) based on weather and household consumption patterns — leading to lower consumer bills and efficient energy usage. Keep an eye on these folks as they grow their market.


Urjanet compiles data on all of a company’s utilities usage from utility bills and smart meters and puts it into a single feed. Once you receive your data feed, you can make more profitable, eco-friendly decisions about your energy usage. Recently, Urjanet raised $20M Series C round to expand its global network of providers and launch new data applications in the FinTech area.