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City of ATL | Looking for Creative Partnership Ideas To Enhance Spaces/Services

by Ryan Waller

The City of Atlanta has released a Request for Information (RFI) seeking ideas for new ways the City can partner with companies and other organizations to generate revenue and provide new amenities supported by advertising or sponsorship. The search for ideas is being coordinated by the Mayor’s Office of Innovation Delivery and Performance. It’s a response to a recommendation put forth by Mayor Reed’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Waste and Efficiency to pursue creative partnerships with local and national companies to generate new revenue without increasing taxes.

Over the summer, the Mayor’s Office hosted a series of brainstorming sessions with business leaders representing small and mid-size companies, arts and entertainment, and several of the Fortune 500 companies that call Atlanta home. The sessions were facilitated by ignition, a local experiential marketing agency.

They are seeking collaborative partnerships that activate public spaces and rights-of-way in innovative ways, stimulating vibrant street life and economic activity while promoting safety and mobility. This will directly shape the selection of initiatives that will incorporate new technology into public spaces, provide public information and media networks, enhance the pedestrian environment, and highlight Atlanta’s cultural identity.

This is also an effort to support Atlanta’s vibrant local business community and ensure that startups in the City are able to share their ideas.

Atlanta is fortunate to be home to diverse corporate community, from startups to global corporations. We are seeking partnerships that can enhance the public realm and develop new revenue streams that enable the City to provide the infrastructure necessary to support a thriving economy and quality of life.- Kristin Wilson, Deputy COO

The Office of Innovation Delivery and Performance envisions new amenities and services in designated commercial districts and high-traffic corridors and pedestrian locations. These assets would occupy public space and be maintained and serviced by private partners. 

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